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Photo: Frida Ström

About Siiri

I find some of the best things in life is to get to contribute to the development and well being of others, which is why I absolutely love both teaching and coaching. My background within the often hectic and sometimes stressful business sector is one of the reasons why I along side of my full time job within marketing today also work as a Yoga Teacher and a coach.

Practicing yoga gives me the space to dive deeper into myself both physically and mentally. It is a prerequisite and an ultimate tool to let go of the outside world, create strength, smoothness, control and also to let go of control in order to explore where it takes you.

My goal is to create a playful, curious, dedicated space for both new and experienced practitioners. A space where you can have a chance to land within yourself and/or simply move your body because you enjoy doing so. You often get the chance to challenge yourself physicallty without ever feeling you have to if that doesn't suit you in the moment. I often combine the physical practice with music and my classes often vary in format and focus.

You can read more about the yoga styles that I teach here. I teach regular classes in Stockholm in English, Swedish or Finnish, depending on your preference. I'm available for studio classes, private group or PT-classes, events and office yoga.

In addition to yoga I also offer coaching for those who want help in developing themselves at the workplace. Read more about it here.

Or get in touch here. 





200h Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Hatha, Yoga Nidra

40h Rocket Vinyasa

40h Yin Yoga

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