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Wellness Retreat in Tuscany

1/5 - 6/5 2024

The Ultimate Feel-Good Retreat

Join us at the fabulous Riva del Sole in Tuscany for a unique and inspiring Wellness Retreat for the body and soul, together with yours truly and fellow yoga teacher and coach Gabriella Picano  This is the ultimate feel-good trip for those who are in need of a fresh start and want to feel good from the inside and out. The days are filled with energizing work outs, coaching, yoga and experiences that strengthen and develop. The program will vary in cardio and weight training, flowy yoga and hiking. All layered with meditation, time for reflection and a wellness lecture. A complete trip for you, who are looking for a get-away to find your way back to yourself and meet new people in the beautiful surroundings on the coast of Tuscany.

Read all the details and book your spot at GoActive Travel.

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