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Do you want to find your way, reach your goals and/or simply feel better?

I find it endlessly satisfying to act as a ball plank for thoughts and experiences and ask the right questions in order to help you grow and find your way forwards. To be a support function for your personal development. Nothing makes me happier than having the privilege to follow you growing into a calm, secure and independent individual.


During the last 15 years I have lead coached employees, organisations and leaders within the business world, mostly within fashion and apparel and also within home decor. I have acted as a mentor and worked in roles such as Head of Retail and Head of Omni Channel, as well as sat in the national leadership team of a multinational company. To read testimonials of how I've been percieved as a coach within this framework, please click here.

You can book one or several sessions and we can meet through Zoom or in real life.


​Please reach out to me here for an inquiry.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

FAQ's about coaching

What is coaching

A coach is first and foremost a ball plank and a trainer to support learning, Coaching is neither therapy or councelling. A coach encourages you to reflect upon the topic you want to discuss and that you need support within. Through the conversations you can come to realize your own potential and to better and maximize your own performance. To learn how to solve your problems yourself.

You as a client are responsible for your own success; my role as a coach is to be an active support function on the way. I as a coach will guide your thoughts and help you to keep focused on the way. Coaching builds on trust, opennes and honesty between you as a client and me as a coach.

During our coaching sessions you will be responsible for the topics and content of the disucssions and I as a coach will provide the process. It is therefore important that you come prepared to each meeting with what you would like to duscuss. It is also important that you be actively engaged and that you do your best in order to reach the goals of the coaching The ultimate goal being rendering me as a coach obsolete.

How does it work?

We will start with an introductory meeting where we sign a contract regarding areas of responsibility, methodology, confidentiality etc. We will also agree on the areas and topics that you initially wish to discuss.

Through asking questions and exploring yourself, you will get help in identifying and developing strategies and plans to reach you goals. I as a coach will ask questions in order for you to get new insights and perhaps see things from a new point of view. In order for you to find the answers within yourself.

A coaching session takes 50minutes either over FaceTime or Zoom, or face to face. If you were to need extra support between the sessions, you are more than welcome to reach out.

Who can me coached?
Everyone can. In my previous working roles, I have gained experience in coaching individuals in different work place roles, both leaders and employees, in different age groups, of different nationalities and in different stages of life.

What do we talk about?

I base my coaching sessions on the practical experience I have gathered during my career. Each conversation is based on your individual needs. Maybe you have gotten stuck in a pattern. Maybe you feel stressed or like you are not enough. Maybe you would like to become an even better leader. Maybe you are experiencing difficulties in the cooperation with a colleague or within your team. Maybe you are feeling a bit lost in what could be the next step for you. Or maybe you simply wish to further develop yourself within your role.

You might want to discuss

  • how to figure out what you need to feel good 

  • how you could find your way towards what you really want

  • how you can organize your time to feel that you are enough

  • how you could become an even better team member or leader

  • how and when to give feedback in order to reach the desired goal

  • how you in the best way could support your team

  • or something completely different

How many sessions do I need?
That is entirely up to you. Most commonly it is good to meet at least three times with one to two weeks in between. It can be more, it can be less. It is completely up to your willingness and needs.

Are you ”yoga-fuzzy” as a coach?
Haha, no. The yogic philosophy is fantastic and wize and has many principle that you may feel good following. However, if you are not interested in yoga, it doesn't necessarily need to play any part in my coaching. I base all coaching sessions on you as a person, and your individual needs.

Are you a certified coach?

No, during the last decades I have, within my work place roles, coached hundreds of employees and managers within the business sector. Both individually and in groups. I base my coaching on that extensive experience as well as on my Masters Degree within Management and Organizations. To read testimonials on me as a coach in these settings, please click here.

With that said, I find ICF's ethical principals profoundly sound and follow them. The ethical principles that I follow will also be specified in the contract that we sign before starting the coaching relationship.

Are you complete as a person, as you are working as a coach?

Definitely not. One of the most wonderful aspects of being a human being is that we find ourselves in a constant state of change and development.

What is the price?

For price inquiries, please click here.


Relevant Experience

2021 - Global DtC Consumer Experience Manager, Peak Performance Production AB

  • Global responsibility for consumer experience

2018 - 2021 Head of Retail / Senior Manager DTC Sales Sweden, Fiskars Sweden AB

  • Personnel and operational lead for a staff of approximately 200 team members

  • Active in Sweden

2014 - 2018 Retail Manager / Head of OmniChannel, Odd Molly International AB  

  • Personnel and operational lead for a staff of approximately 150 team members​

  • Active in the Nordic Countries, Central Europe, USA

2010 - 2013 Account Manager / Team Lead Nordics

  • B2B Sales responsibility Finland and Sweden

  • Team Leader within the Nordic Region

Master of Business Administration, Swedish School of Economics, Helsinki

  • Management & Organizations

  • Marketing

For more information on my professional background, please visit  LinkedIn.



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