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Below you can find testimonials from both other Yoga Teachers and Yoga Students.

If you want to check out what participants from previous retreats have to say, click here.

Testimonials for Siiri as a Coach

Coached at the work place

I find that Siiri sees your strengths and lifts them. That she pushes and inspires you to take action on what you need to work on. That she gives you tools to reach your goals. She listens and is educative as well as a problem solver. She is calm and safe and helps you see situations through new eyes. She can see the important things in what you are saying and sum it up. She has helped me gain better self confidence as a manager and also as a person.

Coached at the work place

I can strongly recommend Siiri. She is humble, listens and puts you as a person first. She sees to it to meet you where you are and push you to become better. Her strongest quality is just that, to always make progress, with joy and with you/the team as the first priority.

Som coach
Coached at the work place

From the first time I met Siiri I have admired her positive energy. She is one of the most exciting leaders I have had the privilege to work with. She is passionate about developing people and her leadership style enabled me to perform my utmost.

Siiri gave me inspiration, support and advise while simultaneously challenging me to think in new ways to reach my goals. When I think of Siiri I think of her creativity, ability to listen and to lift others. She is a great inspiration!

From Yoga Teachers
Coached at the work place

I have had the privilege of having Siiri as my leader for a period of time. Siiri's huge commitment and will to get you to perform and develop is something that she excels at. She is curious and asks relevant questions about your work and is straight-forward and clear in her communication. For me personally, Siiri coached me within areas that concerned inspiring others in their work within customer service. She really succeeded in bringing out the best in me. This is something I am deeply grateful for and will carry with me both in a professional context and also in my private life! And then something that is not to be forgotten.. Siiri's smile and joy is a big and important aspect in wanting to embrac her coaching! I warmly recommend Siiri

Coached at the work place

Siiri is a warm and inspiring person whom I've had the privilage to have as a coach during almost a year. A time that I am very grateful for.

She has always coached me in the right direction in order for me to develop myself and reach my goals - which I always did!

I have developed both within my professional life and privately.

She is a good listener and has a fantastic energy. A real inspiration who always has a smile on her lips. I would warmly recommend her.

Coached at the work place

I met Siiri early in my career and even today still feel a huge sense of gratitude for having had the chance to work with her. I had clear goals and knew where I wanted to go. Siiri was my ball plank and gave me the tools to succeed on the way.

She saw early on that I felt a big need to devop in the work place and gave me space and the chance to grow, both as a manager and as a person. Siiri dared to challenge me. She saw my strengths and how I could use them in the best way in my work. She dared to see in which areas I could grow and pushed me in the right direction. Siiri is a fantastic leader, who always enabled me to perform my utmost. She is not afraid to lift her colleagues and her lovely energy and positive attitude were always a an insipration to me and everyone else at the work place!

Coached at the work place

Siiri is an amazingly talented problem solver who sees possibilities instead of obstacles and gives the right guidance and tools in situations where you have hit a wall. She is incredibly competent within leadership and has the ability to think outside the box, which leads to many creative solutions and ideas. During the time we worked to gether I got the chance to develop myself thanks to her.

Testimonials from Yoga Teachers


Shay Perez
Yoga Teacher

I have had the pleasure of practicing with Siiri for more than 3 years and her sensitivity as a teacher and practitioner have been a source of inspiration for me regularly. Siiri brings a sense of raw honesty, playfulness and curiosity to every session and delicately shares it with the room.

anna h_edited.jpg

Anna Hultman
Yoga Teacher

Siiri is a really good, and perhaps more important, inspiring yoga teacher.


I've had the pleasure of knowing Siiri as a dedicated yoga student for many years, and she's always ready to learn and grow. So it is no surprise that her readiness to evolve put her on the path of becoming a great yoga teacher.


Having had the opportunity of taking Siiri's class it seems that she has really selected the best from all prominent teachers she has studied with and then gone and made it all her own. Her class is dynamic, fun and inspiring - and I love her music!


If you get the opportunity I would recommend you to take a class or even go on a retreat with Siiri. She is a teacher who has a lot to offer, independent of your level and previous experience of yoga. She will make you work, sweat and laugh while also, with her beautiful voice and grounded calmness, helping you get a little closer to yourself. And in he end that's what yoga is all about.

From Yoga Students

Testimonials from Students

Yoga Student

Siiri's passion and knowledge make you want to keep going, to develop yourself further, and to learn more. Fantastic teacher, both clear and always with at twinkle in her eye.

Course Participant
Yoga Student

Easy-going yoga, not as stiff as it can sometimes get. Open and welcoming. Siiri is clear, precise and inpsiring.

Yoga Student

Siiri is fantastic

Yoga Student

Siiri is clear, pleasant and inspiring

Yoga Student

Siiri is calm and clear in her teaching, good at explaining the context. I have done yoga 25-30 times, but never before felt so safe in my practice as I do now.

Yoga Student

Siiri is warm and clear in her teaching methods, as well as incredibly positive.

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